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All residents of Alberta must register themselves and their dependents with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.  Form AHC0102 is required.

Note:  Individuals cannot maintain active health coverage in more than one province/territory.  For example, out-of-province students or temporary contract workers should maintain their coverage in their home province unless moving to Alberta  permanently.

Alberta Resident

A person lawfully entitled to be or to remain in Canada, who makes Alberta his/her home and is physically present in Alberta for at least 183 days in a 12-month period, but does not include a tourist, transient or visitor.

Marital Status/Dependant

– Spouses must register together, unless separated or spouse does not intend to become an Alberta resident
– Adult interdependent partner – may register together or separately

Single children:

–  under 21 and wholly dependent(includes adopted children, foster children and legal wards)
– 21 and over and wholly dependent because of physical or mental disabilities
– under 25 and enrolled in three or more courses at an accredited educational institution

Required Documentation – for registrant and spouse/partner

  Original and valid documents are required.

If a document from each category below (one must include a photo) is not produced, the application will not be processed.

Please note: Individuals with visitor or short term permits or refugee documents may not be eligible for coverage.

1) Identity – One (1) document from BOTH the registrant and spouse/partner to support your identity and name. Document must be government issued ID which shows photo, name and birthdate.           

–  Canadian/Non-Canadian passport
–  Canadian citizenship card
–  Permanent resident card
–  Federal identification card  ie:Nexus
–  Current Alberta/provincial/territorial driver’s license
–  Albert identification card

2) Citizenship/Legal entitlement to be or remain in Canada – One (1) document from BOTH the registrant and spouse/partner to support your Canadian citizenship or legal entitlement to be or remain in Canada. Document must show name and birthdate.

Note: Non-Canadian dependents must also provide a legal entitlement document.

–   Canadian passport
–   Canadian citizenship card (must be signed prior to February 1,2012)
–   Canadian birth certificate
–   Permanent resident card or confirmation of PR form
–   Canada entry document (work/study/visitor permit)
–   Notice of Decision – convention refugee

3) Alberta Residency – One(1) document from EITHER the registrant or spouse/partner to support your Alberta residency. Document must show name and current Alberta address (as provided on the application)

–   Current Alberta driver’s license
–   Current Alberta photo ID card
–   Current utility bill for an Alberta residence
–   Mortgage or rent/lease agreement

Changes to your Alberta Health Care Insurance

A change or correction to an individual’s name, date of birth and/or gender requires government-issued supporting documentation.  Change of gender also requires a letter from the attending physician stating a new health care card is required as part of the therapeutic protocol and a driver’s license or birth certificate showing gender change.

Change of address is required in order to maintain Alberta Health care Insurance coverage.

Notice of Change/Update form (AHC2211)

–  To be used only when updating or changing:
–  name
–  date of birth
–  gender
–  address or phone number

Notice of Change/Addition form (AHC2212)

  To be used when:

–  adding dependent(s)
–  adding a spouse//partner who is not already on your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

Notice of Change/Deletion form (AHC2213)

– To be used when:

–  deleting dependant(s)
–  deleting a spouse/partner from your Alberta Health Care Insurance account

 Residents Who are 65 Years of Age or Older

Residents who are 65 years of age or older are eligible for premium-free Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors. To receive this benefit, we require proof of your age. If applicable, your spouse or adult interdependent partner’s proof of age can also be included with yours. Form (AHC0312) must be filled in and your age validated and then your Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors card will be issued.

– Birth Certificate
– Baptismal Certificate
– Old Age Pension Entitlement Form
– Passport or Immigration Record

Replacement Cards

For a replacement Alberta Health Care card please call 780-427-1432