Driver Testing

At Capilano Registry we do driver testing for all classes of licenses.


No appointment is necessary to write your “learner’s”, but you must be 14 years old or more. If you are under 18 years of age you must have your parent or guardian sign a Parental Consent Form.

Study Guides available online at


Learner’s Licence Prep Kits were developed to provide a straightforward, hands-on strategy to help students learn the important information necessary for passing the learner’s test, putting them on the road to becoming safe drivers.

Essentially, the Prep Kits are a series of study cards that condense the Driver’s Handbook into smaller more manageable units of information.

  •  Key elements, facts, and important details have been summarized and provided in an easy-to-use question and answer format.
  • Graphics from the handbooks are included to help clarify concepts.
  • Difficult vocabulary is explained.
  • Hints for learning information are provided.

Before you write your knowledge test you must provide satisfactory identification. Acceptable IDs include your Birth Certificate or Passport.  In addition, one other piece of ID is required, preferably with a photo. For people not born in Canada a Foreign Passport or Canadian Citizenship card is good identification as it contains both a photo and signature. We also require your Canada Entry documents – Work Permit, Study Permit, Visitor Record or Permanent Residence Card. If you are over the age of 18, you will also have to provide Proof of Residency in Alberta. The following are acceptable documents:

  • Current Utility Bills (i.e. Telus home phone, Epcor, Atco, Direct Energy, Cell Phone bills, Credit Card Bills etc.
  • Rental Agreement with third party management
  • Mortgage or Land Title / Property Assessment documents
  • Bank client profile with Bank Stamp, Bank Statements, or Cancelled cheques
  • Letter from an employer, signed and dated, on company letterhead. This must be from an Alberta-based company, and must state hat the client is physically working in Alberta
  • Proof of filing taxes in Alberta or a current T4 slip
  • Statement of Social Assistance or Employment Insurance benefits.

Once your identity is confirmed and entered into the Motor Vehicles system you will purchase a permit to write the knowledge test. If you happen to fail the test you may take it again the next day; however you will have to pay the $17.60 each time you try the test. After you pass your knowledge test you will be given a vision test which you must also pass.


Road test bookings must be made in person as we are required to issue a permit upon receipt of payment. We can arrange to have you tested as soon as the next day. You should try to supply your own vehicle. If that is not possible we can rent a test car for you, but there is an additional fee for this service.

We ask that you come for your road test about 15 minutes early; this will ensure that all road tests are completed on-time. The permit is given to the examiner who will then go with you to your car. The examiner will do a brief inspection of the vehicle to make sure the brake lights, signal lights and door latches are working properly. You cannot take passengers or pets on the road test with you. Please remember to have a valid registration certificate and valid proof of insurance.

The Class 5 Basic road test usually takes about 1/2 hour. If you do not pass the test you can take it again as soon as the next day. You will need to purchase another Road Test Permit at that time.

When you pass your road test your Class 7 Operator’s License will be reclassified as a Class 5.

The requirements for a Class 4 Operator’s License is slightly different. There is a special Class 4 knowledge test and vision test. Before you take your road test you must pick up a medical examination form to be completed by your doctor. The form is available at All Licenses Ltd.


Drivers who have been previously licensed and are coming off suspension or drivers who are applying for a restricted or interlock license do not always need to pass another knowledge test.

If you have any insurance concerns at this time you can discuss them with an insurance agent at our location.

PRICE LIST – GST included

Written Knowledge Test – $17.60
Learner’s Licence Prep Kits – $21.00

Operator’s License – $84.45

Any License Update or Replacement – $22.45

Reclassification of License – $22.45

Class 5 Basic Road Test – $89.00

Class 5 Advanced Road Test – $144.65

Class 6 Road Test – $144.65

Class 2 or 3 or 4 Road Test – $144.65

Class 1 Road Test – $203.45


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