Marriage Licenses

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1. All couples who get married in Alberta must purchase a Marriage License. This also applies to visitors getting married here. The Marriage License can only be used in Alberta and is only valid for ninety days from the date of purchase. Refunds are not issued for unused or expired licenses.

2. A Marriage License can be sold to a couple consisting of a man and a woman as well as Same Sex couples.

3. Both applicants must provide proper identification. Acceptable types of ID in order of preference are:

  • a. birth certificate
  • b. citizenship/immigration documents
  • c. valid passport
  • d. treaty Indian status card
  • e. baptism certificate
  • f. driver’s license

4. The bride and groom must both be eighteen or older.
*When the bride and the groom are under the age of 18, parental permission is required.
Parental consent is required both from mother and father or the parent with legal custody (proof required). Other circumstances require special consideration and we will be happy to provide details. Under NO circumstances may a male minor, under the age of 16 years, get married in the province
of Alberta.

5. The bride and groom must visit an agent’s office in person and purchase the Marriage License together. *Special provision is available if either the bride or the groom is a member of the military stationed outside Alberta.

6. If either the bride or groom was previously married, proof of divorce or annulment must be given.
*This must be a Certificate of Divorce or Decree Absolute.

7. The bride and groom cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are no exceptions to this rule.

8. The bride and groom cannot marry within the lines of consanguinity. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Federal legislation prohibits people from marrying if they are related lineally or as brother and sister, whether by whole blood, half blood or by adoption. As a result:

A man may not marry his:Grandmother
A woman may not marry her:Grandfather

PRICE LIST – GST included

Marriage License – $71.50


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