Vital Statistics

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Alberta Vital Statistics is responsible for maintaining records of births, marriages and deaths that occur in Alberta. As a Registry Agent we process applications for the following:

  • Certificate of Birth or Marriage
  • Certificate of Death
  • Certified Photographic Print of a Registration of Birth/Stillbirth, Marriage or Death
  • Certified Photographic Print of a Medical Certificate of Death/Stillbirth
  • Certified Photographic Print of Legal Change of Name Certificate
  • Search letter for a birth/stillbirth, marriage or death

Who Can Apply for the Above Certificates?

Generally, only the person themselves or any person who has the written authorization of the individual whose certificate is being requested and close relatives can request the certificates. Lawyers and other agencies can also make the request. If in doubt, please check with us.

How Long Does it Take to Obtain the Certificate?

Applications for certificates are processed by the Government the next working day and mailed out to the applicant the next day. You can obtain the certificate within 48 hours in case of an emergency. Please check with us for details.  Courier services are also available for 2-3 day service and pick up from our location.  There is an extra charge of $15.00 + GST.

Certificates for events that occurred during the last thirty days may not be available if the event has not been registered. It may take up to one month for Vital Statistics to receive birth, marriage or death information from hospitals, ministers and funeral homes. You can still make the application, but the certificate will not be issued until the event information has been received by Vital Statistics.


If you require a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate, you may print the following form. Alberta Residents (pdf)
Read the instructions carefully and fill in the required information.

If you are not a resident of Alberta and require a Vital Statistics certificate, please follow the following link: Non-Alberta Residents (pdf)

Documents can only be issued if the birth, stillbirth, marriage or death occurred in Alberta.


Any Vital Statistics Certificate – $35.75
Courier charge – $15.75


Information is as recorded on the original registration filed with Vital Statistics in Alberta.


  • Issued for married women in maiden name only.
    1. Personal Information· Full name of the  individual
    · Date of birth
    · Place of birth
    · Sex
    · Registration number
    · Registration date
    2. Personal Information and Parentage· Full name of the individual
    · Date of birth
    · Place of birth
    · Sex
    · Registration number
    · Registration date
    · Parent(s) Names and place of birth


  • Issued in two sizes containing the following information:
    1. Small ·Name of Groom
    · Name of Bride
    · Date of Marriage
    · Place of Marriage
    · Registration Number
    · Registration Date
    2. Large·Name of Groom
    · Name of Bride
    · Date of Marriage
    · Date of Marriage
    · Registration Number
    · Registration Date
    · Birthplace of the Groom
    and Bride
    3. Certified Photographic PrintThis is a photocopy of the actual marriage registration as filled in by the bride and groom at the wedding. It is legally the most complete document. It is certified as true.


  • Issued in Large Size only – containing the following information:
  • · Name of Deceased
    · Age of the Deceased at time of death
    · Date of Death
    · Place of Death
    · Usual Residence of the Deceased (Province/Country)
    · Sex
    · Martial Status
    · Registration Number
    · Registration Date

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